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Designer wheel by GTG Club

Options in the listings are only used to create an order and to complete a payment for the order. All of the details and specifications will be discussed and finalized between you and our professional engineering team and afterwards we will send you the blueprints, 3D models and all the necessary data to make sure that you will get exactly what you want!


  • This product is made of aviation-grade aluminum (6061) forging and spinning, heat-treated and cured (T5T6);
  • Appearance dimensions are within the tolerance range of 0-0.03 mm;
  • The high-precision production process makes the dynamic balance of the wheel within 0-5 g. and the roundness within 0-0.05 mm. The vehicle does not sway excessively at high speeds, resulting in a smooth ride;
  • Rims can be designed and built for the following types of vehicles: track cars, sports cars, limousines, bespoke cars, classic cars and performance cars with heavily modified chassis. Wheel diameters varies from 12 to 24 inches, width (j-size) from 4 to 14 inches, number of bolts are 4-12 and the min/max offset is -40 to +50;
  • Our wheels has passed 3 million rolling and impact damage tests, and the product quality has passed the 100,000 vehicles.

So why aluminum forged wheels? (compared with steel and cast wheels)

Weight, balance and maneuverability 

Overall weight is reduced by 50% which makes your wheel way more lighter, the weight under the spring is greatly reduced, the maneuverability of the whole vehicle is greatly improved, the high-speed cornering is cleaner, and the braking distance is effectively shortened by more than 30%. Perfect dynamic balance, the non-wobbling motion trajectory prolongs the tire life by 30% or more.


Aluminum wheels are far more resistant to rust and corrosion than ordinary wheels. This makes the cost of ownership much lower over time. It also allows you not to worry about a wheel related malfunction due to its corrosion and deterioration.

Acceleration and durability

The acceleration is significantly improved, the mechanical strength of the wheel is greater, it is more suitable for vigorous sports driving. Probably the most surprising benefit of aluminum wheels is that because they are actually an alloy metal, they are stronger than traditional steel wheels. This means that, in addition to being lighter, you can also carry heavier loads. Also you're saving your fuel and reducing the carbon emissions as well as reducing the fatigue strength of the suspension system.

Fully customizable

Our rims and wheel hubs can be designed and manufactured according to any personalized pattern provided by you for any car brand. We will make sure your new wheel will fit in, in case you have a special suspension systems or oversized modified brake calipers and brake discs. Any type of finish and more than 1000 paint colors to choose from as well as fully customizable engraving. Center caps are fully customizable as well. Wheels of any size, present and past, can be imitated upon a customer request. Its only a matter of your preference! 

Warranty & Delivery

Our quality guarantee lasts for 10 years. Standard size and non-installed rims can be returned within 30 days, shipping needs to be paid by the buyer. Return requests for the custom wheels with the special dimensional data will not be accepted.

Free delivery to the specified address within 25 business days of order confirmation to any location of your choice in the United States.

We are not just selling products, but providing professional wheel service for our valued customers!